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Senior Wellness Services At Sarathi Health Care

Being independent is very important in any wellness program for elders. So, it’s very important to encourage their independence to help them lead a better quality of life while staying in their homes. For that, the elders should be encouraged to do exercise and practice fitness after consultation regularly to improve their range of motion, mobility, stability, balance, endurance, and strength leading to function better on a daily basis.
That’s where Sarathi Healthcare enters into the picture. Sarathi healthcare has a team of senior wellness consultants to make sure about your overall wellness includes social, emotional, and mental aspects.

Our wellness service truly helps seniors live their life fully. Wondering what makes us stand out? Here’s the list:

Our senior wellness caregivers have been carefully selected based on their true dedication to spending time with elders every day. Rest assured that caregivers will chat every day as true companions by listening to your elders and keeping them happy.
In case, are your loved ones affected by specific conditions like dementia? No worries! Our caregivers will help seniors to benefit from focused engagement by playing board games with them, and so on.

Going above and beyond basic healthcare, our team will make sure to have online guided yoga, meditation, dietician, and fitness consultation with senior wellness consultants as they are proven to reduce stress, and depression, and help fight loneliness. The elders will be encouraged to join formal or informal groups in order to perform the exercise in any setting.
As malnutrition, lack of transportation, and lack of meal management are the common issues among elders, following proper eating habits could be challenging. In such cases, our dietician experts may provide nutritious menus that cater to your specific dietary needs.

Weekly monitoring often helps in the early determination of any disease or other health issues so that our senior wellness consultants can intervene and start the treatment right away. This step ensures the overall health condition of elders while reducing insurance costs in the future.

At Sarathi Healthcare, we offer consultation with senior holistic wellness consultants including Ayurveda specialists, homeopaths, naturopaths, physiotherapists, etc. based on your unique condition, requirements, and preferences. An initial consultation offers the opportunity to evaluate individual needs and overall wellbeing and shed light on the areas that need attention. Further, the professionals provide a series of recommendations regarding healthy nutrition, exercises, medications, psychological support, and mindfulness. Our regular timely support will prevent stressful conditions from affecting your physical and emotional wellbeing through the holistic approach to life-based on evidence-based principles.

Just guiding the patients is not enough. The family members should be mindful of the health condition of the elders. Keeping that in mind, our Sarathi Healthcare team will provide weekly or monthly updates about the health condition of the elders including vitals, medication history, dietary changes, exercise outcomes, etc.
Any change in the diet or medications will be promptly informed to the family members including children as well. In case of any health issues, we make it a point to inform well in advance and take proactive steps accordingly.
Above all, Sarathi Healthcare works within your frame of thought process and practices and offers personalized solutions that work for you.

FAQs on Wellness Services

1. What are the common old age problems among elders?

There are 5 common old age problems that include:
  • Physical problems
  • Social problems
  • Emotional problems
  • Mental problems
  • Cognitive problems

2.What wellness services do elders use most?

Elders use the following wellness services maximum in India, and the list includes:
  • Companion care
  • Consultation services
    • Consultation with experienced online dieticians in India
    • Online consultation with senior wellness consultants
    • Fitness consultations
  • Elder transportation services

3. What is the need to improve wellness among elders despite knowing that they are deteriorating?

Being physically fit and following a proper diet according to the personalised instructions by senior wellness consultants, especially dieticians online/offline in India can manage the existing health conditions and improve the overall wellbeing. Further, elders can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer.

4. What does fitness consultation mean?

During the fitness consultation, the experts will help in developing a fitness routine and define the goals such as weight loss and stamina improvement. This consultation lasts for an hour and the team includes a fitness specialist, exercise physiologist, or personal trainer.

5. Where can I find a dietician online in India?

Although it’s easy to get a list of dieticians online in India via the internet, finding the right compassionate dietician who could offer a high-quality diet plan according to your needs is very difficult. However, we are there to help.
As we have tie-ups with the best dieticians, contact us and we are there to make sure you get the right support from the best dietician.

6. Why do you need a senior wellness consultant?

A senior wellness consultant improves your physical and mental health by creating personalised wellness plans that aim at preventing disease as well. By assessing the health condition, a senior wellness consultant recommends health improvement strategies to achieve their wellness goals. They also work in association with family physicians to make sure that the wellness goals are properly aligned with the overall plan of care.