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Nutritional Services At Sarathi Health Care

Improper nutrition can contribute to multiple health issues among elders. The most common issues could be weak immunity and overall weakness which could lead to bone breakage and falls.
Hence, proper nutrition is a major factor in having long-lasting health. It is even more important to elders, who may especially face routine challenges in getting access to balanced, healthy meals.
That’s where Sarathi Healthcare enters into the picture with its nutrition counselling. Sarathi Healthcare, the professional elderly care provider , offers several nutritional counselling services to the elders that could reduce the stress and difficulty in maintaining nutritional balance. Through our interactive care approach, elders can establish a lasting relationship with theircaregivers. Wondering what makes us stand out? Here’s the list:

Consuming any nutritious food may not work for all elders as every person has unique nutritional needs. Only the nutritionist can evaluate that and recommend the right nutritious diet. During the online or offline nutrition consultation for elderly in India, the elders will be educated about the significance of having a well-balanced diet in order to stay fit and healthy. Hence, it is mandatory for every elder to have a periodic consultation with a nutritionist.

Once you are diagnosed with any ailment, the nutritionist will create a personalised diet based on your unique needs and health requirements. In case the elders are not satisfied with any specific diet chart, they can always inform the nutritionist. Our nutritional experts will make sure to hear your personal concerns during the consultation hours in order to craft the best diet plan that includes adequate fruits and vegetables.

Weekly monitoring of your diet often helps in managing your ailments. However, if there is any concern, the elders can always inform during the consultation so that our nutritional consultation experts can intervene and alter the diet chart.

Just recommending the relevant diet chart to every elder is not enough. The family members should be mindful of the health condition, nutritional requirements, and dietary changes of the elders. Keeping that in mind, our Sarathi Healthcare team will provide weekly or monthly updates about the health condition and diet chart of every senior to their respective family members including children as well.
If there is any specific concern or suggestion by the family member, they can always get back to our nutrition counsellingteam.
Sarathi Healthcare considers nutrition consultation for elderly a high priority and works to thrive well. Hence, we offer a personalized nutritionconsultation for the elderly that promotes health, strength, and longevity in the midst of aging and possible illness.

FAQs on Nutritional Services

1. Why do you need a nutrition consultation for the elderly?

Poor nutrition among elders might cause impaired muscle function, the decline in body functions, weak immunity, poor wound healing, reduced bone mass, reduced cognitive function, and delayed recovery from surgeries. Hence, elders should include several key nutrients in their diet. What are those key nutrients for every elder? That’s when it is mandatory to have regular nutrition consultations for elderly people.

2. Why is it important to have a nutrition consultation online in India?

A skilled nutritionist can help you understand the science behind every health issue, how to manage them with the right food choices, and offer accountability to stay on track. Hence, every elder should make sure to have a nutrition consultation. However, Sarathi Healthcare provides both online and offline consultation services in India so that the elders can consult the nutritionists according to their convenience.

3. What is the purpose of nutrition counseling?

The purpose of nutrition counselling is to determine the pros and cons present in every individual’s diet and make the right changes in the diet pattern and preference according to the personalised needs.

4. When should I consult a nutritionist?

If you are above 60 years and suffering from any deficiency, weakness, or underwent surgery, it is important to consult a nutritionist who can recommend the right foods to improve your health condition.

5. What happens during the consultation with a nutritionist in India?

During the initial nutrition consultation in India, the nutritionist will perform a comprehensive nutritional assessment, including your food preferences, allergies, and intolerances; personal diet history; health conditions including the family members; lifestyle; daily food intake; measurement of functional status; clinical diagnosis; and assessment of food security.