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Medical Services At Sarathi Healthcare

Everyone, especially elders, always prefers to live independently in the comfort of their own home, despite their medical needs. With nursing services at home from Sarathi Healthcare, stay assured that your medical needs will be taken care of without shifting to a nursing home.

Are you in need of round-the-clock support with a caretaker or just regular visits to take care of you at home? Our senior care emergency team of caretakers, nurses, and skilled staff can help in managing your health.

From meeting your loved ones, choosing the right caretaker, and performing nursing services at home, to liaising with doctors, performing full body checkups at home, and ensuring your care is personalised – not a single stone is left unturned. Every aspect of your life is centred around your wellbeing and independence through a continuum of care.

No one understands the significance of senior care especially during an emergency as we do at Sarathi Healthcare. As one of India’s most trusted elderly care agencies, our team makes senior care achievable for adults above 60 across India. Our in-home care services for all the seniors make routine life safer and more joyful, allowing them to lead their golden life in the comfort of home.

By offering valuable support to families, Sarathi Healthcare makes it possible to care for aged loved ones so that the families can spend quality time together without any problems. At the same time, we offer timely respite for family caregivers in order to lower their risk of burnout.

At Sarathi Healthcare, it’s our duty to keep you safe and feeling happy at home, with a fully committed team of carers on hand for 24/7 care on time every time. Here’s how:

  • Scheduling online or offline appointments for consultations
  • Scheduling full body check-ups at home or hospital
  • Nursing services at home (Billed on actuals) - including caretaker services
  • Regular hospital visits as per the needs
  • Maintenance of online repository for medical health records
  • Doctor visits at home (Billed on Actuals)
  • Online platform to track the health of patients by providing multi-login access
  • ICU care at home that includes 24/7 senior care emergency response (Billed on Actuals)
  • Dental Check-up (Billed on Actuals)
  • Eyes Check-up (Billed on Actuals)
  • In-house physiotherapist sessions at regular intervals (Billed on Actuals)
  • Medication reminders via phone/chat/messaging
  • Lab sample and reports collection
  • Weekly remote engagement with family members including children with updates

With the 24/7 availability of nursing services at home, you don’t have to stress yourself about visiting any hospital or clinic and worsening the injury. Just google nursing services at home near me and schedule an appointment with highly skilled and experienced in-home caretakers on Sarathi Healthcare. You will get the best-trained caretakers and nurses to help you in return to your routine life at the earliest.

FAQs on Medical Services

1. Are regular full body checkups at home effective like direct visits?

Yes. Elders, especially those above 60, should undergo full body checkups every six months in order to determine their health condition or the possibility of ailments if any. This step can prevent diseases and reduce the need for any treatment or surgeries.
Regular full body checkups at home are becoming popular nowadays since many elders are immobile. Having a virtual facility can help elders to have convenient checkups.

2. What are nursing services at home?

Nursing services at home encompass various healthcare services that can be performed at home. They are usually cheaper than nursing homes and hospitals. These nursing services are also effective as the medical care provided at nursing homes or hospitals.
It is personalised compassionate care at home towards the patient and becomes integrated into the patient’s loved ones by developing an emotional bond with them. These services can be either for a shorter duration or a longer duration.

3. What are the senior care emergency services offered by Sarathi Healthcare ?

Sarathi Healthcare offers senior care emergency services which include 24/7 assistance, ambulance assistance and medication management

4. Why do you need home care?

For many families, elderly care services at home prove to be a safe and affordable solution that aids the family by helping their loved ones to stay independently in the comfort of their own homes.
Proper home care for senior citizens includes a proactive attitude to determine the right care for every elder and offering seamless assistance with daily medical needs.

5. Are all the nursing services at home accessible 24/7 days?

Yes. Depending on the client's needs, Sarathi Healthcare offers 24/7 support and services as well.