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Emotional Wellness Services At Sarathi Healthcare

People always think that eating nutritious foods and performing exercises are only important for healthy aging. However, there is more to healthy aging. Many people miss the significance of emotional wellness. Even emotional wellness is as important as physical wellness. The attitude, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts can make a great impact on health.
Suppose we get angry or frustrated, we tighten our muscles and take shallow breaths. If we become happy, there is an adrenaline rush that makes us do multiple tasks. During sad times, we move slower than ever.
Improving emotional wellness can improve your relationship with others and make you feel more composed. It can help in increasing peace of mind as well.Hence it is very important for elders to stay emotionally fit as well.
At Sarathi Healthcare, we take a holistic approach managingemotional well-being of elderlyto engage their body, mind, and spirit. Here’s how:

Our caregivers and therapists for the elderly have been carefully selected based on their true dedication to spending time with elders every day. They will chat every day as true companions by listening to your elders and keeping them happy.
Furthermore, are your elders affected by medical conditions like dementia? Our therapists and caregivers will help every elder to benefit from focused engagement by playing board games with them, and so on.

Weekly monitoring can easily determine the possibility of any disease or other health issues so that our geriatric counsellorscan intervene online or offline to start the treatment right away. This step ensures the overall emotional and physical health condition of elders.

At Sarathi Healthcare, we offer consultation with psychologists, therapists for the elderly, or geriatric counsellors based on your unique condition, requirements, and preferences. An initial consultation offers the opportunity to evaluate individual needs and overall wellbeing and shed light on the areas that need attention. Further, the professionals provide a series of psychological sessions and regular timely support to prevent stressful conditions from affecting the physical and emotional wellbeing of the elderly.

While guiding the patients,the family members were also informed regularly about the emotional health condition of the elders. Our Sarathi Healthcare team will send weekly or monthly reportsto the respective family members about the changes in physical activities, medications, and diet.In case of any other significant health issues, we assure to inform you well in advance and take proactive steps accordingly.
It is time to stay connected and prioritize your emotional wellness by partnering with Sarathi Healthcare as it emphasizes acceptance of feelings and encourages a positive outlook. Our team is readily available to support elders who need assistance while living independently at home.

FAQs on Emotional Wellness Services

1. What is emotional wellness for elders?

Emotional wellness is the ability to handle the stress in life and get adapted to tough times. It is actually a state of mind that keeps you relaxed, calm, present, creative, wise, reflective, and open. Thus, psychologists explain emotional wellness as “the combination of effective functioning and feeling good.”

2. How Does AGeriatric Counsellor Online Or Therapist For The Elderly Help In Improving The Emotional Wellbeing Of The Elderly?

A geriatric counsellor online or therapist for the elderly boosts their physical and emotional health, thereby extending longevity. They stay connected with elders and make them participate in events geared toward older adults to reduce their anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

3. What Are The Emotional Needs Of The Elderly?

Elders experience cognitive declines such as slow problem solving ability, slow perceptual speed, and reduced spatial orientation. Hence, they expect meaningful experiences and relationships with more depth and connectivity.

4. What Are The Aspects Of The Emotional Wellbeing Of The Elderly?

The aspects of emotional wellbeing among the elderly involve the ability to develop positive emotions, feelings, thoughts, moods, and easy adaptation to stressful conditions.

5. What Is The Job Of A Geriatric Counsellor Online Or Therapist For The Elderly?

Geriatric counsellors via online or offline consultation can assist elders to cope with the difficulties they experience during their transition periods from mid-age to old-age. They specifically focus on the emotional and psychological needs of elders above 60 years.