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Concierge Services At Sarathi Healthcare

Sarathi Healthcare is here for you and your parents, from managing emergencies to daily tasks. How about you? Are you looking for reliable support? Look no further. Sarathi Healthcare is there to empower the elderly to lead an independent and fuller life by offering senior concierge services in India.

Elders,as they grow older, require specialised and personalised care tolead thehealthy and happy life they deserve. Nowadays, this personalised and specialised care has become increasingly prevalent as more eldersprefer to stay in their own homes. By helping them with daily necessary tasks, elders get the opportunity to stay peacefully.
These support services are offered to reduce risks, stress, and the burden of performing daily tasks themselves. Hence, it is high time to take advantage of the benefits that millions of eldersacross the country are facing themselves.
At Sarathi Healthcare, we take a companionship approach by offering senior concierge services in Indiato manage the daily tasksof elders. Here’s how:

  • Bill payments (internet, electricity, gas, phone, DTH, etc.)
  • Groceries, fruits, vegetables, and medicines pick up
  • Home repair (electrician, plumber, etc.) booking
  • Commutation or support to arrange cab or taxi
  • Digital literacy and Support
  • Online Hotels and travel bookings
  • Helper forhouse maintenance support including repairs and painting
  • Periodic review & update with family members

The trustworthy team here at Sarathi Healthcare is dedicated to providing every senior with the personalisedelder concierge services they need to stay happy, healthy, and safe in their own homes.
Whether to set up an email, house help for the elderly, or buy groceries, Sarathi Healthcare will make sure that all our elders feel secure, supported, and stress-free. No matter what your daily task or frequency is, our team provides the same level of flexibility and attention as your loved ones would if they could.
With our senior concierge services in India, completing any task is just a phone call away! You can have better control over your personal life without any need to sacrifice the level of essential care services you desire.

FAQs on Concierge Services

1. What are elder concierge services?

Elder concierge services are also called errand services or essential personal care services. For essential services, elders receive the help of a trusted caretaker to finish everyday tasks from household chores to transportation and companionship that are basically complicated with age. With Sarathi Healthcare, our professional experts will provide personalised care you need to stay happy and convenient in your own home.

2. What are the advantages of senior concierge services in India?

As people grow older, they are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, dementia, loneliness, Alzheimer's disease, and other mental issues while in their own homes. Hence, it is more important than ever that their loved ones help seniorswith various routine services. By doing so, elders can lead a comfortable life by staying happily in their homes.
We, Sarathi Healthcare, play the role of those loved ones including family members or friends in order to alleviate some burden that may have fallen on them.
By having such a trustworthy team behind you, the elders will be less likely to injure themselves, have an accident, forget about major responsibilities, suffer from loneliness, and more.
Availing our senior concierge servicesin India can help you stay in the home peacefully for a prolonged duration.

3. What are the house help services for the elderly offered by Sarathi Healthcare?

Cleaning everything and doing everything by the elders could be tiresome as you get older. For most elders, daily tasks like dusting, sweeping, cleaning, or repairingcould be hard.
With Sarathi Healthcare’s concierge services, elders can stay independently in their respective homes without any stress of making sure daily chores are completed properly. Our care teammakes sure to managehouse help services for the elderly like booking for repairs, painting works, etc.

4. Where can I find a house help service for the elderly online in India?

Although it’s easy to get a list of online househelp services for the elderlyvia the internet, finding the right compassionate elderly care team who could offer concierge services according to your needs is very difficult. However, Sarathi Healthcare is there to help.Contact us and we are there to make sure you get the right support from our highly experienced care team.

5. Why do you need an elder concierge service?

As elders are facing health issues and overall weakness as they grow, they are dependent on their loved ones for their routine tasks. This is where the elder concierge service helps every senior by managing their routine tasks so that they can stay peacefully without any worries.