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Tips For a Healthy Post Retirement Life

Tips For a Healthy Post Retirement Life

Retirement is a point where a person chooses to leave their job, career, occupation,and employment completely. It is an act of retiring from work or professional life usually due to older age. Many people retire when they are eligible for public and private pension benefits and some are forced to retire due to physical illness or accidental injury. There is different age for retirement in different countries, but the average age is between 60-65 years.

Here are some tips for you to live a healthy life post-retirement after having a full
body checkup at home:

  • Start exercising every day – Join a gym. Yes! Doing exercise is one of the most important activities of our lives. It keeps you healthy. You can also go to a park, make new friends, and involve yourself in group activities. Aim for at least 40 minutes of physical activity regularly and spend some time on your physical as well as mental aging.
  •  Balance your daily diet- Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet.Include more fiber in your diet as it keeps your digestive system working better. Apart from vegetables and fruits, whole grains are a good source of fiber. Try to avoid the consumption of desserts and sugary sodas. The healthier your diet, the happier you will be.
  •  Nurture your relationships – Your relationships give you a feeling of living your life to the fullest and encourage you to create life goals. Share your life experiences with your close friends and relatives. Spend time with and plan interesting activities like traveling with them. Nurturing your relationship gives you higher levels of overall health.
  •  Maintain your financial comfort – It is very important to maintain your financial status after retirement to live a sustainable life. By financial comfort,we mean being able to manage your lifestyle satisfyingly with the financial resources that you have. By old age lifestyle, we mean that you should save money for your basic needs, for your future, and in case of emergency.
  •  Pursue your hobbies – Retired life allows you to pursue hobbies that you might have stopped because of your workload. So be it gardening, painting,book reading, playing outdoor and indoor games, dancing, or anything else -this is a great time to go for it.
  •  Volunteer for any organization- Retirement can be devastating emotionally.Volunteer your expertise, time, and experience and make yourself involved in some activities.
  •  Maintain your hygiene- Keep your skin moisturized. Make use of sunscreen while going out. Incorporating these small measures in your regular life will help you to stay healthy and happy.
  •  Travel - After retirement, you have a lot of time to travel. Travel as much as you can and explore the world. This is the best experience one can have in life. Traveling gives you a new life, new experiences, and immense pleasure.So plan for a trip at least once every 2 months or more depending upon your financial status.
  • Try out something new Retirement is the time when you get ample time to try something new. So try out new things, maybe learning a new language.
  • Quit smoking-Smoking does harm to people of every age group, but it greatly affects old age people. Smoking increases the risk of developing cancer and heart disease, so as you enter retirement make sure to quit the habit of smoking.
  •  Happiness above all else – In the end, it is very important that you feel good and happy about whatever you do. Happiness should be your priority. Make sure you are at peace with yourself.While following the above-mentioned post-retirement tips, it is also advisable to consult a doctor for a regular full body check-up at home.Senior citizens always look for convenience. And, Sarathi Healthcare – the most trusted end-to-end elderly care platform at home in India – is there to help! Check our care services

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