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Know the Hidden Story behind Holi

We all are aware of the Holika story. But there is one more story that marks the significance of the Holi celebration. Once when Lord Shiva went into a deep meditation, Kamadeva (Lord of desires) intervened in Lord Shiva’s meditation. Out of anger, Lord Shiva burnt him into ashes. The theme behind this incident is to burn all your accumulated desires and start a new content life. The celestial beings were worried thinking about how the world will survive without any desire. At that time, Lord Shiva generated a new desire from the ashes. That is when everyone started playing with colors and the whole world got rejuvenated with new life and desires.

The scientific fact behind Holi:

When Holika is burnt during the Holi festival, the heat that arises from the bonfire generally purifies the atmosphere and kills the harmful microbes in the surroundings People apply the ash on their forehead, by mixing it with sandal paste. It generally improves health. This is the occasion where there is a massive change from winter to the summer season. People will feel a bit tired as a whole. That’s why to rejuvenate, people sing songs, play music, and enjoy to the core. Even the natural colors have also got immense health benefits and it improves the overall fitness of the body. The colors for Holi were once prepared from the flowers of trees which blossomed during the spring season. As there was an increased demand, manufacturers started producing artificial colors. But, are you fully aware that these artificial colors have got varied side effects? If not, have a glimpse.


Side effects of using artificial colors

These artificial colors consist of silica, glass, and chemical substances that can harm your eyes and skin. The hair becomes dry and rough. Skin gets affected leading to allergies and rashes.

1. Silica acts as the base for all colors which affects cancer, asthma, skin damage, and temporary blindness.

2. Green color consists of copper sulfate and it causes eye allergy or blindness.

3. Blue color consists of Prussian blue and it causes contact dermatitis.

4. Black color consists of lead oxide, which leads to renal failure. In the case of pregnant women, it leads to miscarriage or fetal abnormalities.

5. Red color consists of mercury sulfite, and it leads to cancer, eyesight loss, and paralysis.

6. Purple color consists of Chromium iodine, and it leads to asthma, dermatitis, skin allergy.

7. Silver color consists of Aluminium bromide which leads to skin cancer.

Since there are numerous side effects to these artificial colors, it is highly recommended to use natural colors.

How to prepare these natural Holi colors?

1. Green color can be prepared by mixing 2 teaspoons of mehndi powder in 1 liter of water.

2. Blue color can be prepared by drying the Jacaranda flowers under the sunlight and grinding them.

3. Red color can be prepared by drying the red rose petals under the sunlight and grinding them.

4. Yellow color can be prepared by mixing two teaspoons of turmeric with two teaspoons of gram flour powder.

5. Saffron color can be prepared by mixing a little turmeric powder with sandalwood powder and rose water.

6. Purple color can be prepared from beetroot.

7. Brown color can be prepared from dried tea leaves.

8. Black color can be prepared from a particular grape species.

How to identify the right quality of Holi colors?

Check if the packet is properly sealed with all ingredients

Smell the colors whether it has the smell of petrol / any other chemical.

If the colors are soluble in water, it shows that they are artificial.

If the colors are unusually shiny, it shows that silica is mixed.

Natural colors won’t be in dark nature like black, dark purple, silver.

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