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Want to reduce back bulge? Try out these 4 yoga poses

You do not like your back bulge which prevents you from trying out back open tops. Excess fat at your back can make your appearance awful. It makes you self-conscious and can lower your self-esteem. But do not get depressed. Back fat is difficult to get rid of, but not impossible. It cannot be reduced overnight by some miracle, you have to work hard on it. Yoga can offer you a range of poses, which, if practiced regularly, can help you to achieve slim and trim back, devoid of any extra fat. Read the following section to learn the yoga poses that target your back bulge. But one thing you must remember is that yoga practice alone is not enough, it is required to follow a nutritious diet plan as well to reach your target.

Yoga poses to reduce the back bulge

Certain excellent yoga postures can effectively help you to reduce your back fat. Here we discuss some of those yoga postures.

1. Half-moon poses or Ardha chandrasana:

• This pose is particularly effective for the sides of your torso and back.
• Stand while you face the ground.
• Place your right foot forward so that it comes between your hands, then rise.
• After getting into the position, open your chest, hips, and arms.
• Put your left hand on your left hip, while you stretch your right hand in a straight line so that it generates a length throughout your right body face.
• Next, shift your upper body weight on your right foot, and lift your left foot in the air.
• Now place your right palm flat on the ground under your shoulder, bending your right knee.
• While you do this, you must try to distribute your body weight evenly between your foot and right hand
• Look down at the ground, while you try to bring your left arm up. Now, look up towards your left hand.
•Hold this position for five minutes, then repeat the same with the left side of your body.

2. Dolphin plank:

• This posture is good for your abs, arms, and specifically for your shoulders
• Take a down dog position.
• Then keep your forearm down and walk your feet out.
• Keep your body in one straight line by placing your shoulders directly above your elbow.
• Hold this position for five breaths, as you feel the burn on your shoulders.

3. Bow yoga pose or Dhanurasana:

• This posture is very effective in reducing back fat and joint pain.
• To do this asana, you need to lie down flat on your belly
• Then bend your knees a little and hold the outer border of your right ankle with your right hand, and the outer border of your left ankle with your left hand.
• Once you hold the two ankles firmly, try to keep your toes together.
• Next, take a deep breath and lift your thighs and feet in the air. Lift them as high as you can.
• Now slowly try to shift your body weight forward on your navel or belly button.
• Hold this position for a few minutes and then go back to the original position.
• This asana can help you to develop your abdominal muscles also.

4. Wheel or Chakra asana:

This posture is very effective in reducing back bulges. It is good for the development of abdominal muscles too. The asana is called so because the body takes the shape of a wheel while doing this posture.
• To do this asana, you need to first lie down on your back.
• Bend your knees and keep your feet flat and close to your body.
• Now place your palms flat, next to your head, as you bend your elbows.
• Your palms should be flat down on the mat, with the fingers facing the shoulders.
• Forearms should be placed perpendicularly with the floor.
• Now you need to push your tailbone in an upwards direction towards your pubis, as you exhale.
• Keep your buttocks firm, as you lift them off the floor.
• Your thighs and inner feet should be kept parallel.
• Stay in this wheel position for 2-3 breaths, as you burn your upper and back body fat.

With these yoga postures, you can effectively reduce your back body bulge. Start from today only. This article is only for informational purposes.
It is highly recommended to follow the above-mentioned yoga postures under the guidance of an alternative medicine specialist.
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It’s time to shed those extra pounds, look good, feel good, and live healthily.

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