We take care of those, who once took care of others.

An act of care prepares you for many storms in life..

Celebrate humanity by caring and loving your elders.


Sarathi Healthcare is an elderly care platform where we become their Health Sarathi for life and provide them end to end care with compassion so that they will live independently with dignity and respect.


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Sarathi Elder care plans are specially designed for children living away from their parents or grandparents seeking regular care as well as elder people living alone. Our plan includes services like but not limited to Free Home delivery, Regular care calls, Dosage reminders, Full body Health check-up, Home visits, Platform access for Family members, Consultation on Food habits & Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle, physical & emotional therapies, Homeopathy & Ayurveda, 24*7 Helpdesk and emergency Support.

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Home Care Assistance

Home care is the ideal option since it allows their loved one to remain in the comfort of their own home and live their lives as they have done in the past.

Top Quality Analysis & Authentic Services

Feelings of top quality & authenticity can lead to a variety of psychological and social benefits, including higher self-esteem, greater well-being, better relationships, and enhanced work performance.

Expert Recommendations

When you seek expert counsel, you not only gain useful insights from someone who knows exactly what you need to know, but you also receive objective, precise, and helpful responses.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance is important for detecting ill-health effects at an early stage and helps us to understand where more needs to be done to control risks

Emergency Support

Such situations are hard to tackle and one may not be able to take the right decisions at that moment. Seeking emergency support requires a quick and accessible response.

Convenient & Accessible

The perception of convenience is as important as the actual benefits of saved time and effort. Not just convenience about services, but accessing those services is not a challenge anymore